Add your name to end Scott Moe’s education cuts.

Scott Moe needs to be held accountable for his unfair funding priorities.

Scott Moe's unfair education funding decisions prioritize his own agenda over our children's future.

Public schools received 0.7% increase in funding - a fraction of inflation, while at the same time, private schools got 25%.

Layoffs, reduced support, and program cuts plague our public school divisions, burdening parents with increased fees.

Scott Moe's priorities are clear: double down on education cuts instead of supporting our kids' schools. 

But, Saskatchewan refuses to stay silent.

We need your voice. 

Join the thousands and add your voice against Scott Moe's unfair education funding. Sign the petition now.

Defend our children's future and demand fair treatment for public education.

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I call on Premier Scott Moe to stop cutting public education in Saskatchewan and immediately restore fair, sustainable funding to our public schools.
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