Saskatchewan’s education system is in crisis

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Teachers and education workers across the province have known this for some time, and now, they’re forced to strike as Scott Moe blatantly disregards their pleas for better working conditions for themselves, and better learning conditions for their students.

Last year, in a blatant display of cruelty and disrespect, public schools under Scott Moe saw a laughable 0.7% budget increase, not even enough to catch up with inflation's sprint. 

Meanwhile, private schools? Well, they were handed a golden ticket with a 25% boost, turning education into a VIP club in our province.

Scott Moe's government, acting more like absentee landlords than stewards of our future, have lost the plot. 

Education workers, cornered and undervalued, have no choice but to put down the chalk and demand a rewrite. 

At the end of the day it's about respect, resources, and making sure schools aren’t as packed as a Taylor Swift concert.

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I call on Premier Scott Moe to stop cutting public education in Saskatchewan and immediately restore fair, sustainable funding to our public schools.
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