Tell Scott Moe: Stop Neglecting Rural Healthcare

Your postal code shouldn’t determine your quality of care

Scott Moe is gutting healthcare across the province, all while blaming workers, families, and communities. 

It’s left Saskatchewan in a dire state where:

  • Emergency rooms and labs are often closed or short-staffed 
  • Wait times are skyrocketing - for tests, procedures, and even ambulances
  • Good full-time healthcare jobs are almost non-existent

Moe’s failure to fix rural healthcare impacts both the health and economy of our communities. 

No matter where one lives, we can all agree that your postal code should not determine the quality of care that you receive. 

Scott Moe and the Sask Party need to stop neglecting rural healthcare, start listening to the vital input of healthcare workers, and take immediate action to address this crisis.

This means recruiting and retaining health professionals and ensuring equitable access to prompt and quality care for every resident of Saskatchewan, regardless of where they are.

Rural healthcare matters because:

  1. It’s interconnected: A healthy rural population contributes to overall societal health, which affects sectors like education and businesses.
  2. It promotes economic stability: A thriving healthcare system in rural areas can create jobs and stimulate economic growth.
  3. We all have a responsibility: Ensuring that healthcare services are available and accessible in rural areas is essential for reducing health disparities between urban and rural populations. Everyone, regardless of their geographic location, deserves access to quality healthcare. 

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