Saskatchewan is speaking up - join us.

After years of neglect by Scott Moe, Saskatchewan is demanding better

Scott Moe's neglect of working families ends now. 

With you. 

Join others in condemning Scott Moe and the Sask Party's inaction:

  • Low wages: With the lowest minimum wage in the country, it's no wonder more people in Saskatchewan are struggling to pay rent and mortgages than anywhere else in Canada.
  • Lack of opportunities: Good-paying jobs are few and far between because the province has had the worst job creation since Scott Moe took office.
  • Rate hikes: The Sask Party has hiked taxes and utility costs, making life even more expensive, while wages are slow to keep pace. It’s not a surprise that more than anywhere else in the country, people in Saskatchewan feel that they are financially worse off now than they were before.

Together, workers, families, and communities possess immense power to create change. 

Let’s unite and demand better from Scott Moe and the Sask Party.

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